Collection: Wooden Metronomes

A third-generation, family-owned, company,  Wittner is renowned for the quality and accuracy of their metronomes.   The Maelzel (pyramid) metronomes are crafted with solid wood plating - not veneer - and come with glossy or matte finish.  These mechanical metronomes are powered by a hand-wound spring - no batteries.  The swinging pendulum, makes a steady, fairly loud, click.  

The optional bell is an actual, metal, bell chime, housed within the metronome, that can be set to chime on the first beat of each measure, or turned off.  It is often used by teachers to help their students get a feel for the impulse of the down beat.  

If the model you're interested in shows out-of-stock, and you'd like it right away, please contact us to inquire.  We are often able to drop-ship out-of-stock items directly to you, from our supplier.