Collection: Arcus Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

Light-Weight Carbon Fiber Bows for Professionals - Lightweight, Powerful, and Lightning-Fast

Arcus bows have to be played to be believed. Extraordinarily lightweight, these bows have an agility and speed simply not possible with traditional bows. They produce a beautiful, brilliant, complex tone. But, the real draw is how they feel in the hand and how they touch the strings. Particularly with the upper level Arcus bows, the performance is clear, clean, smooth, and effortless. They also have the advantage of allowing the player to practice or perform for hours with little hand and arm fatigue (since the hand has much less weight to hold). A must-try bow for all professionals.

Arcus P Series Viola Bows pair well with the longer vibrating string length of larger violas. Larger violas necessarily have greater string tension and therefore require greater downward force from the bow to play well. The stiffness, or resiliency, of the P series bows therefore matches well with these larger instruments, resulting in a strong, clear, beautiful sound. Approx. 60 grams.

Arcus T Series Viola Bows are well suited to medium-sized violas with a vibrating string length of around 37cm. The medium tension/strength of the T series viola bow matches well with the medium tension of these instruments, resulting in a beautiful, rich tonality. Approx. 60 grams.

Arcus M Series Viola Bows pair well with smaller violas, which tend to have a shorter vibrating string length, and therefore lower string tension. (The M series matches best with instruments that have a vibrating string length under 36.5 cm.) The greater flexibility of the M series bows matches the lower tension of the strings on smaller instruments, resulting in a natural feel, and a full, warm, beautiful sound. Approx. 60 grams.

Arcus Musing Series Viola Bows were specifically designed to meet the needs of players on a budget. They are balanced for a slightly heavier feel and greater stability. Given their pricing structure, they are also an excellent value, i.e. the buyer gets a high degree of performance quality per dollar spent. Approx. 63 grams.

Arcus Quality Designation

Arcus bows are rated for quality and assigned a corresponding number. The higher the number, the better the quality of the bow's performance. Levels 5 and 6 are our best selling bows. The upper level bows offer exceptional playability, a wide and rich palette of tone colors and a smooth, clear, effortless articulation.

Discontinued Series

Arcus bows are continually evolving and improving. For a review of those lines that have come and gone, visit: