Collection: Arcus M Series Viola Bows

Arcus M Series Viola Bows pair well with smaller violas, which tend to have a shorter vibrating string length, and therefore lower string tension. (The M series matches best with instruments that have a vibrating string length under 36.5 cm.) The greater flexibility of the M series bows matches the lower tension of the strings on smaller instruments, resulting in a natural feel, and a full, warm, beautiful sound. Approx. 60 grams.

Manufacturer's Description

The M-bows are a perfect fit for all small violas. They draw a warm, full sound which is open and clear, not the least nasal but rich and sonorous with great projection. The elasticity of their sticks is designed to match the shorter, softer strings of smaller instruments. Their weight is similar to traditional violin bows, which provides great playability and comfort, while bearing sufficient mass for bowings that require some impulse.