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In Home Bow Trial

In Home Bow Trial

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Bow Trial Program

The best way to evaluate a bow is to play it for yourself.  Complete the information, above, and proceed through our secure Checkout.  When we receive your trial request, we'll contact you by phone to discuss what bows might work best for you.

$20 Credit Toward Purchase

The cost of the initial trial is $20.00 (plus shipping).  If you choose to keep one of the bows, we'll credit $20.00 toward the purchase price.  


We ship trials by UPS Ground with a signature required upon delivery.  For security reasons, bows must ship to your verified credit card billing address.  We cover the cost of return shipping and include a pre-paid UPS return label with the bows.

When will I get my bows?

Shipping time will depend on the availability of the bows selected.  Some bows may have a waiting list and/or take time for us to obtain.  Once shipped, trials typically arrive by UPS Ground in 2-7 days.

One-Week Trial

Once you've had the bows in your possession for a full week, we ask that you return them so that we can service other customers.  If a few extra days would be helpful, send us an email.  We are often able to approve a short extension.

Payment for Bows Purchased

Please refer to the order form included with the trial for pricing.  When we receive the returned trial, we'll charge any purchase to the credit card used for the trial.  If you prefer to pay via a different card or other method, just give us a call.  

Can I arrange a second trial with different bows?

Additional trials can usually be arranged, provided the requested bows are available. Please stay in touch with us by email to let us know how the trial is going, and to request additional trials.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Cody Ruth
Great experience

Mr Fisher was very helpful in picking out my bows for the trial. I will definitely use use them again the next time I’m in the market for a bow.

Mark Privette
Great service

Jim was extremely helpful and I really enjoyed my Arcus bow trial. While I did not end up purchasing a bow from my first trial, will try again with a few different models.

Stephen S.
First class service

It was a great pleasure to work with Jim who provides best in class service. Through two trials, I was able to try a variety of different bows, appreciate their qualities and differences, and ultimately find one that takes my music to the next level.

Bow Trial with a Sonic Sommelier

With Jim as a unique, sonic sommelier, the Bow Trial is one of the best things to happen on the Quest. 4 mailed: 3CF+1Pernam; shipped fast, well packed. Should've taken 3 days to pick, but cascading, fortuitous events needed verification; recording for "objective proof of Sanity" was QED. Behooves all to test 1 CF bow veering from Traditional/Comfortable. A cutting-edge, modern design gave me what was needed: a multidimensional scaling of expression + skill. If not married to any genre or style, and phys. adaptation is quick, then non-standard bow tests are a must. If nuances of perf. pieces are deeply embedded in muscle mem + mind, and in freq. use, then best not to go crazy unless time is in abundance. Might have to relearn/revisit most everything bcuz there's newfound Freedom w/ anything not to-spec; with Freedom you get Ideas, and with Ideas you get to play--seriously Play. Likelihood of 2nd trial, but it's just a Q of when. Thank you for being there and offering this experience!

Christine Kharazian
Highly recommend

I am very grateful to Fisher Violins for the opportunity to try the Arcus bows. In my quest of finding my Arcus companion I actually did 3 trials. James Fisher was very patient and accommodating. He listened carefully and made suggestions that eventually brought me to M8 with which I am very happy.