CodaBow Violin Bows

Carbon Fiber Bows for Professionals and Students - Responsive and Well Balanced 

CodaBow bows are meticulously crafted in a small shop in Minnesota, under the direct supervision of the company's founders.  Outstanding quality.  Perfectly balanced, agile, with a beautiful, complex tone.  Models designed for beginners though professionals, with specific models designed for the particular needs of fiddlers and folk players.

Classical - Professional

For the professional player, seeking a nuanced, subtle performance with a traditional weight and balance, the CodaBow Marquise series is an excellent choice. Available in a variety of visual styles - Marquise GS, Escher, Aero, Tuxedo, and Heritage - the Marquire bow handles much like a fine French pernambuco bow. Natural Acoustic Core. The Diamond GX, another popular choice for prosessionals, has a less flexible shaft with blended acoustic core. Power, projection, brilliance. Lastly, the CodaBow Escent is a wonderfully responsive hybrid between the CodaBow Master models (Marquise) and the more energetic, lively feel of the CodaBow Joule. A great choice for the cross-genre player who needs their bow to provide both nuanced, subtle performance in the symphony hall, AND energetic, lively, and agile performance at the summer jazz or bluegrass festivals. Natural acoustic core.

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Fiddling & Folk

It should come as no surprise that the needs of fiddlers & folk players are different from those of classical players. CodaBow is one of the few makers that design bows specifically for fiddling. The Joule, originally designed for 5-string electric violin, is popular for its energetic feel and bounce, and for it's quick, sharp attack. The Luma, conversly, is also popular with fiddlers, but for very different reasons. Unlike the Joule, the Luma has a lush, smooth articulation, and light balance and feel, particularly popular with old-time fiddlers. The Escent is a great cross-over bow for playing both classical and folk music - see above.

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Beginners & Advancing Students

True beginners require stability and an easy, forgiving attack. To learn proper technique, they also require a bow that is properly balanced and resilient, which most fiberglass and cheap Brazilwood bows are not. The CodaBow Prodigy is an excellent choice as it is strong, well balanced and cambered, and designed for smooth, stable performance on the string. Advancing students will require greater agility, as they move into advanced bowing techniques, and should consider the Diamond NX or Luma bows.

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