CodaBow Marquise Escher Violin Bow

CodaBow Marquise Escher Violin Bow


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WEIGHT: Approx. 61.0 Grams

The top of the CodaBow line, the Marquise series offers beautiful, rich, tonality and professional playability.  The shaft is more flexible than that of the CodaBow GX, and the Natural Acoustic Core yields a more nuanced, subtle response and range of tone colors.  Although the Marquise is available in a variety of visual styles - i.e. Marquise GS, Escher, Aero, Tuxedo, and Heritage, the handling and performance is the same throughout.  A professional, responsive, nuanced bow, with a traditional weight and balance.  


  • Rich, Nuanced, Tone
  • Flexible, Carbon Fiber Shaft with Natural Acoustic Core
  • Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer's Description:


The CodaBow Marquise Escher is a flawless union of bow and artist: a master-level carbon fiber violin bow that offers exquisite handling and expressive sound. Both eye-catching and responsive, the Escher fascinates with its stylish shape and opulent sound — not unlike the 1934 Oscar-winning song, “The Continental” — it’s “something daring, a way of dancing that’s really ‘entre nous’.”

Travel the World with CodaBow

The CodaBow Marquise Escher violin bow contains no ivory, ebony, or endangered, regulated, or monitored species that might otherwise make travelling internationally a challenge.

J.S. Fisher Violins is an authorized CodaBow dealer.
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