Collection: Arcus Carbon Fiber Cello Bows

Light-Weight Carbon Fiber Bows for Professionals - Lightweight, Powerful, and Lightning-Fast

A paradigm shift for bow makers and players alike, Arcus bows offer an agility and quality of performance simply not possible with traditional materials and bow making techniques. Ranging from approx. 68 to 72 grams, Arcus cello bows are extraordinarily lightweight. They offer a wide, rich, and dynamic range of tone colors. But, the real draw is how they feel in the hand and touch the strings. Particularly in the upper level Arcus bows, the performance is clear, smooth, and effortless.

Arcus S Series Cello Bows are both strong and lightweight. They are prized for their quick, effortless play and beautifully brilliant tone color. The greater strength of the S series cello bow is a good match for the higher string tension of large scale instruments, and the brilliance of the S series is a good match for the generally darker sound of these cellos. Generally recommended for soloists and large scale instruments. Approx. 68 grams.

Arcus T Series Cello Bows are well suited to a wide range of instruments and our first recommendation for most players - particularly for higher-end cellos that possess a well-balanced tonality. The T series brings out the best of both the treble and bass ends of the frequency spectrum and are ideally suited to the tension and characteristics of modern strings. Approx. 71 grams.

Arcus M Series Cello Bows are more flexible than the S or T lines, and draw a generally darker tone. They are ideally suited to the lower string tension of smaller instruments and match well with both the more yielding strings and the generally brighter sound of such instruments. Approx. 72 grams.

Arcus Müsing Series Cello Bows were specifically designed to meet the needs of players on a budget. They are balanced for a slightly heavier feel than the other Arcus lines, resulting in greater stability. Given their pricing structure, they are also an excellent value, i.e. the buyer gets a high degree of performance quality per dollar spent. Approx. 75 grams.

Arcus Quality Designation

Arcus bows are rated for quality and assigned a corresponding number. The higher the number, the better the quality of the stick. Levels 5 and 6 are our best selling bows and really show what Arcus bows have to offer. Levels 7 and 8 have a cleaner, more effortless attack, with exceptional clarity and a rich, organic tone. Level 9 bows are rare, and are not always available. Arcus reserves the level 9 designation for bows that they consider to be perfect.

Discontinued Series

Arcus bows are continually evolving and improving. For a review of those lines that have come and gone, visit: