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Arcus M4 Cello Bow

Arcus M4 Cello Bow


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  • Approx. 73 Grams
  • Round, High-Density, Composite Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Snakewood Frog
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • 30-Year Transferable Limited Warranty

Arcus Bows

Arcus bows are light, agile, and lightning-fast. Recommended for professionals seeking agility, power, and brilliance.

Arcus M Series Cello Bows

Manufacturer's Description

If you are looking for a bow that enhances the warmth in the sound of your instrument, an Arcus M is most probably the right bow. It works really well with all smaller celli that are often a bit brighter in sound. The M-bows draw a very full, warm and rich sound which is also clear and provides good brilliance. They are good for the entire repertoire and provide great comfort, so that even after long hours of playing the bow arm still feels light and relaxed.

Travel with Your Arcus Bow

Arcus bows contain no ivory, tortoiseshell, lizard skin, or other controlled species. You may travel with your Arcus bow with no worries or hassles.

Support IPCI with Your Purchase

Help preserve the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, where Pernambuco wood (Caesalpinia Echinata) is grown. A portion of the proceeds from every bow we sell is donated to the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative. To learn more about IPCI and how you can help, please visit

Please note: We obtain some Arcus models, as needed, from the US Arcus distributor. We therefore do not have up-to-the-minute stock information available, here. In the unlikely event that your selected bow is not immediately available, we'll let you know within one business day, and allow you to cancel, backorder, or select a different model.   If you'd like to confirm stock prior to placing your order, please call or email and we'll be happy to help. Thank you for your understanding!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Five stars

I could not expect a better customer service or a more personable business owner. All my questions were swiftly answered and arrangements made to let me try several bows beyond the trial period. I will definitely return to Fisher Violins for my future purchases.

Excellent sound, easy to play

We purchased an Arcus M4 full size cello bow, with black & silver winding ... unfortunately, unknown to us and F.S. Fischer (and all other US companies selling this bow, I checked after the bow arrived and looked different than expected!) the manufacturer recently changed the style of the bow to a plain silver winding and a plain silver button (tightening knob). Jim Fisher was great and was able to get one of the discontinued bows with the black & silver winding for us quickly. Honestly, both the new and the old styles sound great, and both are similarly light and easy to play. Our son gets a very full, sweet and bright sound on the slower pieces. Good on the livelier pieces due to its light weight, though maybe could be a tiny bit more responsive/ "sticky" on the spiccato and accents.