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CodaBow Diamond SX Violin Bow

CodaBow Diamond SX Violin Bow


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WEIGHT: Approx. 60.5 Grams


  • Smooth, Clear Tone
  • Excellent Balance and Response
  • Carbon Fiber Construction with Pure Kevlar Core

Cousin to the popular Diamond GX, the SX offers the same fine balance and easy response with a softer, sweeter tone. The Diamond SX is most popular with classical players and is particularly well suited to orchestral work.

Manufacturer's Description:
A stunning technological tribute to history's fine bows, the DIAMOND SX offers premium performance for professionals. Sophisticated and reliable, the SX is the ideal 'touring' bow for every professional artist and teacher.

Travel Safely with CodaBow

The CodaBow Diamond SX features CodaBow's GlobalBow technology, and contains no ivory or other endangered, regulated, or monitored species. You can travel safely with your CodaBow Diamond SX bow, with no worries, hassles, or delays.

J.S. Fisher Violins is an authorized CodaBow dealer.

  • WEIGHT - Approx. 60.5 Grams
  • SHAFT - Graphite Diamond Weave
  • CORE - Kevlar
  • TINT - Natural Graphite (Grey)
  • INLAY - Silver Coda Logo
  • FROG - Xebony
  • SLIDE - Natural Carbon Fiber Weave
  • FITTINGS - Nickel
  • GRIP - Moroccan Leather
  • WINDING - Sterling Silver
  • TIP PLATE - Fiber-Reinforced Composite
  • HAIR - Gold Medal Stallion Hair
  • WEDGES/PLUGS - Composite
  • WARRANTY - 10 Years
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