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CodaBow Diamond GX Violin Bow

CodaBow Diamond GX Violin Bow


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WEIGHT: Approx. 61.0 Grams


  • Rich, Powerful Tone
  • Excellent Balance and Response
  • Carbon Fiber Construction with Pure Kevlar Core
  • Lifetime Warranty

The rich and powerful tone of the CodaBow Diamond GX makes it the bow of choice for professional players, particularly for classical music. The pure Kevlar core is expensive to manufacture, but yields a timbre and subtleness of response that rivals fine pernambuco bows of a much higher price.

Manufacturer's Description:
As the crown jewel of the DIAMOND Collection the DIAMOND GX embodies the unrivaled marriage of timeless craftsmanship and industry-first technology. Designed for professionals, the GX offers performance once reserved for only the finest pernambuco bows.

Travel Safely with CodaBow

The CodaBow Diamond GX features CodaBow's GlobalBow technology, and contains no ivory or other endangered, regulated, or monitored species. You can travel safely with your CodaBow Diamond GX bow, with no worries, hassles, or delays.

  • WEIGHT - Approx. 61.0 Grams
  • SHAFT - Graphite Diamond Weave
  • CORE - Kevlar
  • TINT - Pernambuco (Brown)
  • INLAY - Gold Coda Logo
  • FROG - Xebony
  • SLIDE - Tinted Carbon Fiber Weave
  • FITTINGS - Sterling Silver
  • GRIP - Moroccan Goat Skin
  • WINDING - Sterling Silver
  • TIP PLATE - Fiber-Reinforced Composite
  • HAIR - Gold Medal Stallion Hair
  • WEDGES/PLUGS - Composite
  • WARRANTY - Lifetime

J.S. Fisher Violins is an authorized CodaBow dealer. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Coda Bow 3/4 Size Diamond GX Violin Bow

Were looking for a a good 3/4 size violin bow.
Found this one online at J.S. Fisher for a great price.
Very friendly and efficient service, while ordering.
Shipping and packaging were great.
Very, very happy with this company.

Excellent bow

The bow was purchased for my son, who is an advanced student. He and his violin teacher both love it.

Jessica K
Great Personal Service

I already knew this bow was great when I ordered it - I tested one for a week and it's a suitable orchestra bow - I don't have to worry about damaging it during col legno or when I'm really digging in but it still pulls a great sound. What set this experience apart was the personal service - James followed up multiple times to make sure I got exactly what I wanted! Will definitely buy from JS Fisher again and am recommending to friends!

Lorena Sikorski
Excellent product

I have been impressed with Coda bows for some time. My only comment re the violin Diamond GX is that it's about 1/4 inch longer then standard wooden bows. This puts the balance points in different places then one is used to. However after I got used to it, it plays beautifully. For the price, it is a good bow. I love the carbon fiber - 'col legno' is no longer a bow killer!

B Peterson
A most excellent bow!

Full disclosure - this is actually my second CodaBow. I owned the original - also a terrific bow - and just gifted it to my brother. Meanwhile, the DiamondGX plays the same but offers a very attractive woven appearance in a dark brown shade more traditional than the original "any color you want as long as it is black" version. To my hand, the light action of a French bow combined with the stoutness of a German bow, all in a completely thermally and humidity stable package makes for one terrific, highly recommended bow!