CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow

CodaBow Marquise GS Violin Bow


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WEIGHT: Approx. 61.0 Grams



  • Rich, Powerful Tone
  • Excellent Balance and Response
  • Carbon Fiber Construction with Pure Kevlar Core
  • Lifetime Warranty

CodaBow's newest creation, the Marquise GS offers the professional player truly superb handling and performance.

Manufacturer's Description:

From Bespoke to Standard-Bearer

For nearly 10 years, CodaBow, together with master bowmaker Roger Zabinski, has crafted bespoke carbon-fiber bows for private musicians. Some of these exclusive bows emulated historically revered bows (Tourte, Peccatte, Pajeot, Voirin, etc.), some matched the performance of much-beloved bows the player already owned, and some were entirely original in their nature. All offered their owners tailored playing characteristics and personalized styling. All delivered a refined and sophisticated experience beyond our popular DIAMOND designs. We referred to these special bows as MARQUISEs, evocative of the distinctive cut of diamond prized for its elegance and sophistication. (Coincidentally, Louis the XV [Louis the Beloved] commissioned the original marquise cut diamond around the time of Francois Tourte’s birth.)

Though we have crafted bespoke MARQUISEs for years on a limited private basis, recent technological breakthroughs allow us to now avail this elevated standard of bow making to the broader public through The Marquise Experience.


Years of crafting MARQUISEs has revealed one design in particular as the most requested. Its optimum balance, flexibility, and weight provides exquisite handling. Its breakthrough organic-fiber architecture expresses a warm, rich, powerful sound. High-sensitivity carbon fibers extending continuously from button to tip plate bestow in it a natural response and beauty. Referred to inside the workshop as the ‘Gold Standard’, this MARQUISE design appeals to discerning players more than any other and is the clear choice as the standard-bearer of the MARQUISE Experience.

Travel Safely with CodaBow

The CodaBow Marquise GS features CodaBow's GlobalBow technology, and contains no ivory or other endangered, regulated, or monitored species. You can travel safely with your Marquise GS bow, with no worries, hassles, or delays.

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