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Wittner Maelzel Solid Wood Metronome - Walnut - No Bell - Model 803M

Wittner Maelzel Solid Wood Metronome - Walnut - No Bell - Model 803M

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Wittner Model 803M Solid Wood Metronome - Walnut Stain - Matte Finish - No Bell

A beautiful, precision, pyramid-style, wooden metronome from Wittner. Solid wood exterior (not veneer or laminate) with walnut stain and matte finish. An extraordinarily handsome and reliable machine. A gorgeous addition to any music studio. Hand-crafted in Germany.

  • 8.5" (216mm) High x 4 5/8" (117mm) Wide at Base 
  • 15.6 oz. (442 grams) 

Q. I can't find the key to wind my metronome.
A. The key is stored on the bottom of the metronome for safety in shipping. Simply pull it from the storage slot and install. Replacement keys and pendulum weights are available to order.

Q. How do I wind my metronome?
A. Locate the key on the bottom of the metronome. Place in the hole on the side of the metronome and turn clockwise to thread it onto the metal shaft. When installing for the first time, you may find that you need to wiggle the key a bit, or adjust the angle, in order to get the key properly situated and onto the threaded shaft. Once the key is installed, simply turn clockwise until the metronome is fully wound

Q. How do I adjust the tempo on my metronome?
A. A small weight is attached to the pendulum (located at the very bottom of the pendulum when initially shipped). Simply adjust its position, up or down, to the desired speed.

Q. Can I leave the metronome wound, or do I need to let it unwind completely each time?
A. When putting the metronome into storage, Wittner recommends allowing the spring to completely unwind. However, the spring is designed to hold tension for long periods of time without ill effect. Under normal circumstances, with occasional use, the metronome may be left wound, or partially wound between practice sessions.

Q. Does Wittner use all metal parts?
A. No.  Under the solid wood exterior, Wittner uses a combination of metal and high-desnity, high-quality, composite gears and mechanical parts.  Metal expands and contracts with changing temperatures.  So, to ensure accuracy, certain working parts must be made of composite.  Where strength is required, as in the plate that holds the mechenasim to the solid-wood housing, metal is used.  The base, the black background behind the pendulum, and the feet are also composite.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Margaret Bywater
Well Made

I purchased this metronome for High School Senior. He wanted a non electoronic metronome to help him practice guitar. He loves it! I wanted to get him something durable and special since he will be heading off to college with it in the fall. It is sturdy and beautiful. Perfect combo.

Heidi Tavel
Wonderful Metronome from a wonderful US store

It was a complete pleasure being able to purchase a high quality German made metronome from a US store. I would highly recommend using this store for your musical purchases. The product shipped immediately and the customer service was exceptional. Could not ask for a better shopping experience. This was a gift from a granddaughter to her grandfather over their shared love of music. Thank you for helping us select the perfect piece.

Elizabeth L.

This was a present for my musician son who has any number of electronic metronomes with fancy features, but he wanted something beautiful that would sit like a piece of sculpture and that he would enjoy looking at as much as using. Mr. Fisher patiently and professionally guided me through the different models, helping me to choose the one best for my son's needs. The shipping was swift and the gift was such a success. It is a pleasure to buy something from a person who knows what he is talking about and without the noise of a call center behind him.

Katie Grimes
Will be looking for opportunities to support again

Beautiful metronome, reasonable price, excellent customer service. Very rapid shipping despite challenges during the pandemic. Personal email to ensure my needs were met was a nice touch. Will be looking for opportunities to support JS Fisher again!