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Wittner A-440 Tuning Fork with Resonator - Large

Wittner A-440 Tuning Fork with Resonator - Large

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Wittner A-440 large tuning fork with wooden resonator box and striker. Wittner model number 935440.

This tuning fork is visually attractive, precisely tuned, and produces a full, clear tone with a pleasantly warm timbre. It is also more convenient to use than a simple tuning fork, since the resonator is free standing and holds the fork in place. And, unlike electronic tuners, it has no batteries to replace. It makes a handsome addition to any music studio.

Resonator Box:  181mm x 95mm x 56mm
Fork:  174mm x 28mm x 14mm  (Tine Thickness:  6.7mm)  


  • Wittner Model 935440
  • Large Sized Fork
  • Solid Wood Resonator Box
  • Striker Included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very Functional for Tuning Instruments

This German Wittner resonator and tuning fork is great and gives plenty of volume to hear a beat if the instrument is out of tune. The striker is nice and has a solid rubber face for keeping the fork in good shape. It looks great and works good. The wooden resonator is well made and fits the fork perfectly. Shipping was fast. Mr. Fisher sent a personal email with a tracking number almost immediately. Packaging was nice with a double box and padding around the items box.

Catherine Schmidt
Tuning Fork

This Fork with Resonator produces a wonderful long lasting note, and is very attractive. Thank you for the fast delivery too.