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Wittner A-440 Tuning Fork with Resonator

Wittner A-440 Tuning Fork with Resonator

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Wittner A-440 tuning fork with wooden resonator box and striker. Wittner model number 924440.

This tuning fork is visually attractive, precisely tuned, and produces a full, clear tone with a pleasantly warm timbre. It is also more convenient to use than a simple tuning fork, since the resonator is free standing and holds the fork in place. And, unlike electronic tuners, it has no batteries to replace. It makes a handsome addition to any music studio.

Resonator Box:  181mm x 95mm x 56mm
Fork:  122mm x 18mm x 8mm  (Tine Thickness:  4mm)  


  • Wittner Model 924440
  • Medium Sized Fork
  • Solid Wood Resonator Box
  • Striker Included
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