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Avantgarde Violin A String - Ball End

Avantgarde Violin A String - Ball End

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Steel-core, chrome-wound A string with a rich, warm tone and a professional response. Designed to smooth the transition from the synthetic or gut G and D strings to the steel E.

Manufacturer's Description

Some instruments don’t work well with synthetic or gut core A strings. They may sound gritty and there can be a problem with response especially in the higher positions.

This is why many violinists, particularly Russian ones, prefer metal A strings. We designed the Russian Style A for these players a few years ago.

We're now introducing a string that merges the Russian style formula with our unique helical design. The helix significantly improves the longitudinal elasticity of the metal solid wire core. As a result, the Avantgarde A has more warmth and depth of tone. It keeps its high quality sound even under full attack and has a remarkably fast response.

The wavy design continues along the whole length of the string, so for some players the feeling under the finger may require a few minutes to get used to.

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