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Spirocore Violin String Set - 4/4 - Medium Gauge

Spirocore Violin String Set - 4/4 - Medium Gauge

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Thomastik Spirocore Violin Strings

Spirocores are popular with fiddlers for their bright, clear tone and extreme longevity. Steel rope (braided steel fibers) core.

Set Includes . . .

  • Aluminum-Wound Steel E (Ball Only)
  • Chrome-Wound Steel A
  • Chrome-Wound Steel D
  • Chrome-Wound Steel G

Alternate String Options

Aluminum and silver windings will alter the tone, adding warmth and depth to the sound, but will deteriorate more quickly than chrome.

Manufacturer's Description

Featuring flexible multiwire spiral rope core and delivering less inertia and a longer period of musical vibration, SPIROCORE is equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato. Highly responsive, long lasting.

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