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Mberg Ultra Light Titanium Fine Tuner for Violin/Viola

Mberg Ultra Light Titanium Fine Tuner for Violin/Viola

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Ultra-Light String Adjuster

Hi-End, ultra-light adjuster for violin E and viola A strings. Won't dampen the vibrations of the tailpiece like heavier fine tuners.

Note: This adjuster is designed for use on a single string (E for violin, A for viola). Some tailpieces are not wide enough to accommodate an MBerg tuner on all four strings at once.

Manufacturer's Description

The one of a kind spring joint combined with titan as its fascinating basic material offers a number of benefits:

  • Optimal sound transmission
  • Half the weight of conventional metal string adjusters thus lower damping effects
  • The spring joint is wear-free and free of play
  • Smoothly adjustable gold-plated adjusting screw with fine thread
  • The materials used, titan and gold, are biocompatible (antiallergenic)
  • Approx. 2.8 grams
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