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Larsen Violin String Set - 4/4 - Medium Gauge with Loop E

Larsen Violin String Set - 4/4 - Medium Gauge with Loop E

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Larsen Violin Strings

Well-regarded synthetic strings with good projection, warmth, and a bit of an edge to their tone. Larsen strings are popular with some fiddlers for their unique combination of bite and full-bodied tone.

Set Includes . . .

  • Plain Carbon Steel E (Loop or Ball)
  • Synthetic/Aluminum-Wound A
  • Synthetic/Aluminum-Wound D
  • Synthetic/Silver-Wound G

Alternate Strings

The plain steel E offers brilliance and clarity. The alternate gold-plated E is warmer and richer in overtones, but is also more prone to whistling, particularly on high-end instruments.

An alternate aluminum-wound steel A provides a smoother transition between the E and A strings, and produces a brighter, more focused tone.

The alternate, silver-wound D string produces a clear, rich tone, and lasts longer than aluminum-wound string.

Manufacturer's Description

Larsen Violin strings offer a warm, yet direct and determined sound. They quickly reach tuning stability and deliver excellent projection. Larsen Violin strings are reliable and highly suitable for bright sounding instruments in need of extra warmth.

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