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JonPaul Carrera Viola Bow

JonPaul Carrera Viola Bow

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  • Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Silver Fittings
  • Ebony Frog
  • 4/4 Size

JonPaul Bows

JonPaul is an American maker of exceptional carbon fiber and Pernambuco wood bows.

Manufacturer's Descriptions

Our premier bow helps you play your best.

Patterned after an exquisite Pajeot bow, this is our finest silver mounted bow. Built into the design of the Carrera is perfect balance, weight, and flexibility, which not only enhances your techniques as a player, but creates warm, rich and powerful tones. The distinctive appearance features a textured, “varnished” finish with elegant red-brown hues. Mounted in sterling silver with a fan-tail button.

Support IPCI with Your Purchase

Help preserve the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, where Pernambuco wood (Caesalpinia Echinata) is grown. A portion of the proceeds from every bow we sell is donated to the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative. To learn more about IPCI and how you can help, please visit

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