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Helicore Viola String Set - Short Scale

Helicore Viola String Set - Short Scale

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Helicore Viola Strings

Popular stranded steel (rope) core strings.

Set Includes . . .

  • Synthetic/Aluminum A (Ball End)
  • Synthetic/Titanium D
  • Synthetic/Silver G
  • Synthetic/Tungsten-Silver C


Short Scale - 33cm Vibrating Length - Recommended for 14"-15" Violas
Medium Scale - 36cm Vibrating Length - Recommended for 15"-15 3/4" Violas
Long Scale - 38cm Vibrating Length - Recommended for 16"-16 1/2" Violas
Extra Long Scale - 40cm Vibrating Length - Recommended for Violas 17" and Larger

Manufacturer's Description

Helicore violin strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. The smaller string diameter provides quick bow response. Premium quality materials combined with skilled workmanship produces strings known for excellent pitch stability and longevity.
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