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Bam Polishing Cloth - Black

Bam Polishing Cloth - Black

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Microfiber Polishing/Cleaning cloth from bam France.
Medium Size for Stringed Instruments

Manufacturer's Description

The Bam l'original Cleaning cloth is made of 2 combined microfibers, selected to fulfill precise technological requirements. The combination of their performances associated with the Silver-nano treatment allows:
  • a very fast drainage of accumulated humidity
  • an optimum drying of the instrument
  • an unequalled varnish-friendly cleaning
  • quick drying of the microfibers after use, protecting the product from fungus and growth of bacteria.

One of the corners is specially designed with 2 layers of microfiber to hold the cloth better by sliping the hand between the 2 layers, like in a glove. You can then rub the strings and the fret that are more exposed to sweat and rosin than other parts. If you wish to use a cleaning lotion, apply it with this additional microfiber square. If performed after each session, this maintenance ritual, made easy by Bam l'original Cleaning Cloth, optimizes the strings? life time and sound quality.

Easy cleaning with soap and water. The properties granted by the Silver-nano treatment won't be affected.

  • 11.8" x 15.7"
  • Dual Microfiber Weave
  • Silver-Nano Treated
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