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Arcus T5 Violin Bow

Arcus T5 Violin Bow


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  • Approx. 51 Grams
  • Round, High-Density, Composite Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Snakewood Frog
  • Silver Fittings
  • 30-Year Transferable Limited Warranty

Arcus Bows

Arcus bows are light, agile, and lightning-fast. Recommended for professionals seeking agility, power, and brilliance.

Arcus T Series Violin Bows

Arcus T Series Violin Bows are often the best choice for higher-end instruments with a good tonal balance. The T series bow draws out all of the best tonality and characteristics of both the high and low ends of the instrument's range. Approx. 51 grams.


Manufacturer's Description

The T-models are our most universal bows, as they cover a huge spectrum of sound colours and playing styles. They offer great warmth and brilliance at the same time, which make them suitable for a majority of instruments. And while they significantly improve the sound of many difficult instruments, their ideal range of overtones allow to determine the perfect setup and best strings for every instrument more easy than with any other bow. Their weight is around 51 grams and sticks have a round shape. Their balance is normal, but their mass is distributed towards both ends, giving them much more stability than you would expect in such a lightweight bow.

Travel with Your Arcus Bow

Arcus bows contain no ivory, tortoiseshell, lizard skin, or other controlled species. You may travel with your Arcus bow with no worries or hassles.

Support IPCI with Your Purchase

Help preserve the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, where Pernambuco wood (Caesalpinia Echinata) is grown. A portion of the proceeds from every bow we sell is donated to the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative. To learn more about IPCI and how you can help, please visit

Please note: We obtain some Arcus models, as needed, from the US Arcus distributor. We therefore do not have up-to-the-minute stock information available, here. In the unlikely event that your selected bow is not immediately available, we'll let you know within one business day, and allow you to cancel, backorder, or select a different model.   If you'd like to confirm stock prior to placing your order, please call or email and we'll be happy to help. Thank you for your understanding!

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Customer Reviews

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Couldn't be happier!!!

I'm thrilled with my experience with J.S. Fisher Violins. From the very beginning, when I was first researching bows, I was really pleased to find information about the various types of bows on this website which really helped me focus my search. Then, when I decided to try the in-home trial, Jim was incredibly helpful in helping me determine which bows would suit my interest and style of playing, and he answered all my questions. He made it so easy. I really loved being able to try the bows at home, and decided that I preferred a different style so tried three more. The service was great - the bows came quickly and it was easy to send them back. I'm so glad I didn't buy one before spending some time with each of them! And now, I'm thrilled with my new bow and the sound and tone of my violin. It's a gorgeous bow - it's exactly what I was looking and hoping for! Thank you, Jim!