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Arcus S7 Violin Bow - Octagonal

Arcus S7 Violin Bow - Octagonal


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  • Approx. 49 Grams
  • Round or Octagonal, High-Density, Composite Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • Snakewood Frog
  • Silver Fittings
  • 30-Year Transferable Limited Warranty

Arcus Bows

Arcus bows are light, agile, and lightning-fast. Recommended for professionals seeking agility, power, and brilliance.

Arcus S Series Violin Bows

Manufacturer's Description

The S-bows are our lightest and strongest violin bows. Their sound is big, brilliant, powerful and round, but more bright than warm. They are the perfect choice for most soloists and also great for jazz, rock and folk music. The S-bows are a great match for all dark sounding instruments. They are available with round sticks that play more steady and feel very steady and octagonal sticks that play rather agile and lively. For many years the S-series bows are our bestseller and you can find them in all the great orchestras around the world.

Travel with Your Arcus Bow

Arcus bows contain no ivory, tortoiseshell, lizard skin, or other controlled species. You may travel with your Arcus bow with no worries or hassles.

Support IPCI with Your Purchase

Help preserve the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil, where Pernambuco wood (Caesalpinia Echinata) is grown. A portion of the proceeds from every bow we sell is donated to the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative. To learn more about IPCI and how you can help, please visit

Please note: We obtain some Arcus models, as needed, from the US Arcus distributor. We therefore do not have up-to-the-minute stock information available, here. In the unlikely event that your selected bow is not immediately available, we'll let you know within one business day, and allow you to cancel, backorder, or select a different model.   If you'd like to confirm stock prior to placing your order, please call or email and we'll be happy to help. Thank you for your understanding!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect Phrasing

Hi, just wanted to thank you once again for the bows. S7 and p7. I had a moment today while playing where I wanted a certain phrasing and it it just materialized perfectly. I realized later that all I had to do was think it, and it happened. I didn't have to try. There was no separation between me desiring a phrasing and the perfect execution of it. It was a nice moment when I realized what I had done. I think that is the best compliment for a bow I can give. It was the s7.

Adam R
Great fast bow

Nothing is more agile then this. Has a pleasing sound. Rich at its core. Likes to be played with a light touch. Its sound is thinner to my ear then the P7 but I am a better violin player holding it. Bouncing is effortless, and it seems to give accuracy. It is light And quick. It just does everything you want. It improves my playing, and while using it I realize thar passages that were difficult I just play effoetlessly without remembering they were once difficult. It feels natural.