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Arcus Bow Hair Gauge

Arcus Bow Hair Gauge

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Gauge for correctly measuring hair ribbon thickness when rehairing Arcus bows. Measurement is in square millimeters (mm2), with the smallest lines representing 0.50 mm2, the medium-length lines representing 1.00 mm2, and the longest lines representing 5.00 mm2.

Since 2014, Arcus has measured the tension of each individual bow and engraved the recommended hair thickness on the shaft, beside the serial number, under the frog. For bows manufactured before that time, Arcus recommends the following general guidelines:

Type S+P-Series
Cadenza, Concerto, Sinfonia, Sonata
A+M -Series
Allegro, Veloce
Müsing Series Standard
Wood & Carbon
Violin 8 7 7.5 5-6
Viola 10 9 9.5 6-7.5
Cello 13 12 12 9-10
Double Bass White 15 14 14 11-13
Double Bass Black 16 15 15 12-14

According to Bernd Müsing, at Arcus . . . The ideal hair thickness depends on the elasticity and curve of the bow, but you can also modify the hair thickness to match the play and feel of the bow to your demands. A thicker hank will provide a softer feel and make the bow less bouncy. A thinner hank will improve the bounce, provides a "tighter" feel with increased agility.
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