Collection: Tzigane Violin Strings

Larsen Tzigane Violin Strings

Synthetic-core strings with a unique sound. Billed by the manufacturer as the perfect string for gypsy music, the Tzigane set is a somewhat warmer version of the standard Larsen strings. They have a full, round tone, with a distinct edge to the sound.

  • Tin-Plated Carbon Steel E (Loop or Ball)
  • Synthetic/Aluminum-Wound A
  • Synthetic/Silver-Wound D
  • Synthetic/Silver-Wound G

Manufacturer's Description

Larsen Tzigane® strings provide a rich and saturated sound with a sensual warmth. They are remarkably easy to play and give fantastic focus and projection. Their mellow character delivers a perfect balance with bright and brilliant sounding instruments, for players seeking a warmer timbre.