Collection: Pirastro Gold - Gold Label - Violin Strings

Pirastro Gold Violin Strings

Value priced genuine gut string. Pirastro Gold strings, also called Pirastro Gold Label or Gold Label Wondertone, are relatively brilliant in tone color, pliable under the fingers, and produce a rich, complex tone.

  • "Steel" Tin-Plated Carbon Steel E (Loop or Ball)
  • Gut/Aluminum-Wound A (Ball-End)
  • Gut/Silver-Wound D (Knot-End)
  • Gut/Silver-Wound G (Knot-End)

Manufacturer's Description

  • gut strings with good value for money
  • bright gut sound
  • The sheep gut core of the Gold strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
  • easy playability