Collection: Peter Infeld Viola Strings

Peter Infeld (PI) Viola Strings

Peter Infeld strings are powerful, warm, smooth, and complex. A truly professional string. Like Dominant strings, also from Thomastik, PI strings have a balanced tone color and work well on a wide range of instruments. But, Dominant players will appreciate the greater complexity, dynamic range, and overall quality of this more modern string set.

  • Chrome-Wound Steel A (Removable Ball End)
  • Synthetic/Chrome & Silver Combo-Wound D
  • Synthetic/Silver-Wound G
  • Synthetic/Silver-Wound C

Manufacturer's Description

Peter Infeld, that’s versatility for professionals! The vast spectrum of tone colors enables you to achieve complete musical expression. With its smooth, warm top and powerful bottom strings, PI offers abundant modulation in all ranges and exceptional support for violists.