Collection: Chorda Violin Strings

Pirastro Chorda Violin Strings

Genuine gut strings designed for authentic baroque instruments. The E, A, and D strings are plain, unwound gut and have a plain, unknotted end. The G string, however, is silver-wound with a knotted end. Chorda strings are designed for 440 Hz. tuning. For alternate, lower-tension tunings, select Heavy gauge.

Set Includes . . .

  • Plain Gut E (Plain Unknotted End)
  • Plain Gut A (Plain Unknotted End)
  • Plain Gut D (Plain Unknotted End)
  • Gut/Silver-Wound G (Knot End)

Silver-Wound vs. Copper-Wound G

The silver-wound G is recommended and comes with the set. However, an alternate copper-wound G is also available, if a darker tone is desired.

Manufacturer's Description

  • plain gut strings
  • authentic string for baroque instruments
  • very low string tension, comfortable left hand feeling