Collection: Arcus P Series Violin Bows

Arcus P Series Violin Bows offer strength/stiffness combined with a dark tonality. Ideally suited to heavily built, powerful violins, the P series is a good match for instruments with a strong, brilliant sound. Approx. 53 grams.

Manufacturer's Description

Many powerful sounding violins are also a bit on the bright side. For those we have developed our P-series bows. Their especially resilient stick allows the player to easily catch any heavy G-string and to play double stops in fortissimo without the stick touching down on the strings. To make them draw a warmer, deeper sound, we have added some weight which lowers the tuning of the bow. They are still significantly lighter than traditional bows, so they keep their advantage in agility and speed. The P-bows with octagonal sticks are especially lively and bounce almost automatically while the round version are especially steady and follow the hand precisely.