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Bam Hightech Cases

Light-Weight Composite Cases - Ideal for Professionals Seeking a Highly Protective, Yet Lightweight Case.
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  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Highly Protective
  • Beautiful, Leather or High-Gloss Exterior
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  • Black Interior Only
  • Limited Interior Space
  • Care must be taken to avoid scratching or denting the finish.
bam L'Etoile Contoured Hightech Violin Case Bam Hightech Texas Rough Leather Violin Case Next Page
Brushed Aluminum and Leather. Lightweight and extremely protective. The perfect case for the traveling professional.
3.5 lb.
Rugged and stylish with a genuine leather top and brushed nickel base. A professional level case, ideally suited to travel.
3.5 lb.

Bobelock Plywood Cases

Traditional Wooden (Plywood) Cases - Professional Quality Cases for Those Seeking Extreme Protection and Rugged Durability.
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  • Extreme Protection!
  • Extreme Durability with High Quality Latches, Zippers, and Rugged Canvas Exterior
  • Excellent Humidity Control
  • Plush & Colorful Interior Fabrics
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  • Heavier, but Stronger than Composite Cases
Bobelock 1051 Corregidor Violin Case Bobelock 1047P Half-Moon Puffy Violin Case Next Page
This luxury wooden violin case offers extraordinary protection and durability.
8.0 lb.
Wooden half moon violin case with colorful exterior
6.5 lb.

Bobelock Fiberglass Cases

Genuine Fiberglass Cases - Protective & Colorful, though Relatively Heavy
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  • Highly Protective
  • High Quality Construction with Durable Latches & Zippers
  • Excellent Humidity Control
  • Plush & Colorful Interior Fabrics
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  • Heavier, but Stronger, than Composite Cases
  • Care Must Be Taken To Avoid Scratching the Finish
  • Fiberglass May Crack or Splinter if Dropped on a Hard Surface.
Bobelock 1027F Arrow Fiberglass Violin Case Bobelock 1047P Half-Moon Fiberglass Violin Case Next Page
Arrow-Shaped Fiberglass Violin Case
5.3 lb.
Half-Moon Shaped Fiberglass Violin Case
6.5 lb.

Musilia Composite Cases

Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
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  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Excellent Protection
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  • Care must be taken to avoid scratching the finish.
  • High Quality Materials and Craftsmanship Require a Relatively High Price Tag
Musilia P2 Carbon Fiber Violin Case Musilia P2 Carbon Fiber Violin Case Next Page
The carbon fiber construction of this case make it both protective and lightweight. In the traditional oblong shape, this case has room for accesories and a full music pocket.
3.9 lb.
Available in Black, Blue, or Red exteriors, with plain or Map style interiors.
3.9 lb.

Jaeger Prestige Composite Cases

Lightweight, Composite Cases for the Discerning Player (Violin Only)
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  • Highly Protective
  • Lightweight Composite Shell
  • Extraordinary Quality and Attention to Detail
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  • High Quality Materials and Craftsmanship Require a Relatively High Price Tag
Jaeger Luxury Shaped Violin Case Jaeger Oblong Violin Case - Brown Leather Next Page
Deluxe Violin-Shaped Violin Case, Canvas Cover, Crushed Velvet Interior
5.1 lb.
Handsome Violin Case with Hand-Laid, Brown Leather Exterior
6.4 lb.

Pedi Steel-Reinforced Cases

Steel-Reinforced, Aluminum Alloy Cases - Modestly Priced, Lightweight Cases with Excellent Crush Protection.
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  • Excellent Crush Protection
  • Lightweight - Only 5.5 lb.
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  • Loose Fit (Instrument May Shift Slightly Within The Case)
  • No Latch. Case Held Closed by Zipper
Pedi 11100 Aluminum Alloy Violin Case Pedi 21100 Aluminum Alloy Viola Case
Steel-Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Violin Case
5.5 lb.
Steel-Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Viola Case
6.5 lb.

Instrument Protection

  • Crush Protection
  • How well a case holds its shape when subjected to a crushing force, such as being dropped onto a hard surface, placed under a heavy shipping container at the airport, or run over by a car. This type of catastrophic accident is rare, but can destroy an instrument if the case does not perform well. Wooden cases are generally the best in this category, along with steel and aluminum-reinforced cases. Arched or Hill-Style lids add considerably to the case's crush strength.

  • Shock Absorption
  • How well the case handles bangs and bumps, and the damaging force of such impacts. This is, perhaps, even more important than the strength (crush protection) of the case, and is often overlooked. A steel box would hold up very well to being dropped off the top bleacher at a football game, onto solid concrete. But, the violin inside would not. The force of bangs and falls are transmitted through the case walls to the instrument, even if the case itself does not crush. A well-designed case is built to insulate the instrument from this type of shock, as well as from the more every day kinds of bumps and bangs. Injected polyurethane foam is one of the best materials available for this purpose. Other, less dense foams are also commonly used. This is also the primary purpose of a suspension design, which limits physical contact with the instrument to a few key points in the case, leaving the rest of the instrument suspended in the air, out of harm's way.

  • Thermal Protection
  • How well the case keeps out heat and cold. We musicians are always taking our instruments out with us into the cold, then back inside and onto a hot stage, then back out into the cold. Or, from the cool air-conditioning, out into the hot summer weather. A good case will keep the the inside temperature fairly constant, regardless of what's outside, at least for a while. (No instrument should be left for long in extreme heat or cold, no matter what case you have!) Wood is a good thermal insulator, as is injected polyurethane foam. How well the case seals, and whether or not it has a padded/insulated case cover, are also factors.

Other Considerations

  • Weight
  • Wood is the material traditionally used for high quality cases, and it still has many advantages. But, wood is heavy. Styrofoam is commonly used in student cases, but does not offer enough protection to be suitable for professional instruments. Fortunately, modern case companies, like Bam France, are now making professional quality cases out of composite plastics, most notably acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and injected polyurethane, which are both light-weight, and very protective.

  • Size
  • Cases for full-sized instruments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. How much room do you need within your case? Smaller cases are lighter and easier to carry. But, be sure to think about where you will put your accessories, rosin, shoulder rest, music, etc. For fractional sized violin cases, please call to inquire about what we have available.

    Most viola cases are adjustable, to fit a range of different sized violas. Pedi viola cases are fixed, so be sure to select the size that fits your instrument. Unfortunately, bout-width and the height of the ribs are not always standardized for viola, so even a case that is designed for your viola's length may not fit perfectly. If you have an unusually shaped viola, please call to inquire about exact interior dimensions of any particular case. In general, Bam cases (with the exception of the Bam Lotus) and Bobelock cases can accommodate a wider range of sizes and shapes than most others.

  • Humidity Control
  • Hygrometers (to measure how much moisture is in the case) and Humidifiers (to add moisture to the air in the case) are both useful items to have, and important for keeping your instrument safe. They may be purchased separately, but it's worth noting whether or not they come standard with whatever case you are considering. It's always nicer to have them built in.

  • Other Amenities

    • String Tube - Straight tube for holding extra strings inside the case.
    • Shoulder Rest Strap - Velcro strap within the case for holding the shoulder rest in place. This frees up the interior pockets for other items.
    • Thermometer
    • Subway Strap - Small strap or handle on the end of the case that allows the player to hold the case on end, as one would when standing in a crowded subway car.
    • Carrying Straps - How many does the case come with? Are they intended for use as shoulder or backpack straps? How will you be carrying the case?
    • Music Pocket - Usually on the exterior of the case. May be full-length or only partial.
    • Instrument Blanket/Cover - For added thermal protection, and to protect the instrument from rosin, falling from the bows above. Also helps protect the instrument from the bow, in the even that a bow holder/spinner fails.
    • Instrument Bag - Protects the instrument from rosin, falling from the bows above.
    • Rain Flap - May be full-length or cover only the latch. Protects the latch and zipper from rust, and helps prevent rain from entering the case at the opening between the lid and base.

  • Durability
  • How long with the case last? Zippers and latches are often the first thing to go, so use caution when considering the purchase of a cheap case. (Note: Bobelock makes some very reasonably priced cases, and their latches and zippers are excellent.) There's no reason that a good wooden case shouldn't last for 10-20 years, with care. Composite cases will show signs of wear much more quickly, in the form of scratches and dents. Fiberglass cases are prone to cracks if they are not handled carefully. Also, note that since composite cases are heat-molded, they can become deformed if exposed to extremely high temperatures.

  • Warranty
  • Does the manufacturer offer one? Are you purchasing from an authorized dealer? (Some companies only offer warranty service for cases purchased from authorized dealers. J.S. Fisher Violins is officially authorized to sell cases from the following manufacturers: Bam France, Bobelock, Concord, Jaeger (Gewa), Pedi, and Tonarelli.) What does the warranty cover? When does it expire? How do you obtain service, if needed?

We'd love to have the opportunity of speaking with you directly. Please call us now at 800-372-4151 for a free consultation.