Collection: Arcus M Series Violin Bows

Arcus M Series Violin Bows are more elastic than any of the other series. As with the T, the M series works well with instruments that are generally well-balanced, tonally. But, for some instruments, the T series can just be too powerful. These violins require a softer touch for best response. In such cases, the M series will bring out a beautiful, "singing" tonality, where other bows may "crush" the sound. Approx. 51 grams.

Manufacturer's Description

The special feature of the M-series violin bows is their perfect balance both in their sound character and their play and feel. The shape of their sticks is round and they are a little more flexible than the S- and P-bows. They are a little lighter than the P-bows though they offer the same stability due to a weight distribution towards the extremes. They make it easy to play any repertoire and fit almost every instrument perfectly, as they pull an especially open sound with a great range of colours.