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Prizma Violin Mute - Catrpilr
Prizma Violin Mute - Catrpilr
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From the same company as the popular 3d Sound mutes, Prizma mutes are lighter and more flexible. And, because each individual piece has its own distinctive look, with color combinations ranging through the entire color spectrum, your mute will be truly unique.

Each and every Prizma mute is unique, so what you receive will certainly look different than what is pictured, here. We encourage you to note any particular color requests in the box, above, and we'll do our best to match your request with the mutes we have available. i.e. No Pink!, Spring Look, Mostly Green, etc. If desired, we do usually have Solid Black and Solid White available. Sorry, we can't guarantee a perfect match to specific requests, but we'll do our best!

Manufacturer's Description

Prizma mutes are lighter and more flexible than our original 3D Sound mutes with different tolerances around the strings and bridge. They are built for speed yet allow the tonal nuance and individual character of the instrument remain.

3D-printing, 14 base colors, and some nifty algorithms make each Prizma mute we craft a distinctive piece as unique as the musicians who play them!

Prizma Mutes are available in a variety of styles, offering six distinct sounds. . . .

  • Dual-Tone:
    • Filters out fewer overtones during volume reduction
    • Place on-top of the bridge for a pianissimo that filters out higher and lower overtones while preserving mid-range overtones
    • Pinch it up against the bridge for a mezzo piano that evenly filters half of the bridge
  • Square:
    • Can be used as either a slide mute or disc mute, allowing orchestral mezzo piano and pianissimo effects
    • Fast action makes it convenient and simple to operate
    • Mounts on strings two different ways
    • Rattle and buzz free
  • Disc-Shaped:
    • Slightly more muting than Dual-Tone, great for the studio, filters out fewer overtones during volume reduction
    • Sound is Moderate pianissimo
    • Won’t buzz or rattle on the strings
    • Make you the most interesting player dressed in black
  • Viol-Shaped:
    • Prizma viols are based on the original Kaston mutes patented in 1971 and offer advantages over the mass-produced rubber mutes synonymous with entry-level student sound
    • Our viols produce a light, playful mezzo piano. We wanted to replicate the sound popular with 1950’s recording artists when this mute was still hand-made from wood, leather, and glue
    • Fast action makes it convenient and simple to operate
    • Mounts anywhere on the bridge
    • Rattle and buzz free
  • Catrpilr:
    • Transform your practice sessions and experience a metamorphosis in sound using our Catrpilr practice mute!
    • Clear sound, lower volume, minimalist profile
    • Soft body wraps around bridge
    • Can be left on while in the case

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