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Pirastro Eudoxa Violin String Set
Pirastro Eudoxa Violin String Set
4/4 Eudoxa Violin String Set
List Price: $236.78
Our Price: $105.49
Savings: $131.29

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Product Code: 2140

E String*:
Aluminum-Wound Carbon Steel, Ball
Aluminum-Wound Carbon Steel, Loop
"Steel" Tin-Plated Carbon Steel, Ball [Subtract -$4.65]
"Steel" Tin-Plated Carbon Steel, Loop [Subtract -$4.65]


Pirastro Eudoxa Violin Strings

Genuine gut strings with a round, warm sound. Rich, complex tone color. Low tension.

Set Includes . . .

  • Choice of Carbon Steel/Aluminum-Wound or "Steel" Tin-Plated Carbon Steel E (Medium Gauge) (Loop or Ball)
  • Gut/Aluminum-Wound A (13.75PM) (Ball End)
  • Gut/Aluminum D (16.75PM) (Knot End)
  • Gut/Silver G (15.75PM) (Knot End)


Alternate gauges, as well as brilliant and stiff versions are available for order on the Individual Strings page.

  • Brilliant D & G - The alternate brilliant D and G string are stiffer and more powerful than the originals, and produce a brilliant tone.
  • Stiff D & G - The alternate stiff D and G strings are stiffer and more powerful than the originals, and produce a dark, rich tone.
  • Original D & G - The original D and G strings are recommended for orchestral, studio, and chamber settings.

The recommended aluminum-wound E blends well with the other strings and offers a warm, rich sound. The alternate "Steel" Tin-Plated Carbon Steel E is more brilliant and produces a smoother, more polished sound.

Manufacturer's Description

  • The sheep gut core of our Eudoxa strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand.
  • well-balanced warm tone with a great diversity of sounds
  • low string tension and a comfortable left hand feeling
  • ideal for orchestra, chamber music and studio takes

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