Violin Setup & Adjustment

All our violins come fully setup, professionally adjusted, and ready to play. We inspect and correct, among other things, the height, curve, fit, placement, graduation, and tuning of the bridge; string height and spacing at both bridge and nut, tail-gut length and after-length tuning, fitting and lubrication of pegs, proper installation and lubrication of fine tuner(s), and the condition and proper installation of the strings. We select strings to match the character of the instruments, and adjust the bridge and soundpost for optimal tone quality and response. This attention to detail and skilled adjustment of the instrument is what sets our violins apart from much of our competition. We're proud of the violins that we sell.

Although each instrument has its own unique character and tonal qualities, we can adjust your violin, to a certain degree, to meet your needs and preferences. We'd be happy to discuss this with you and make appropriate adjustments to the bridge, soundpost, etc. to achieve the sound you desire. String selection also has a profound effect on both tone color and playability, as does the selection of bow, rosin, bow hair, and other factors.

Violin Trials & Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchase one of our violins or violin outfits and are unhappy with it, for any reason, you are welcome to return it to us for a full refund. Returns must be received within 30 days and must be in new condition. Click Here to read our full return policy. Please Note: We are happy to accommodate special requests for violins or other items that we do not regularly stock. However, please note that since we do not stock them, such items are not eligible for return.

If you prefer to try and compare two violins before making a purchase, we can arrange that as well. Just call us at 800-372-4151 and request a violin trial. Your non-refundable trial fee of $39.99 will cover the cost of shipping, handling, and insurance. Keep the violins for up to a week and then simply return one violin, or both, using the pre-paid return label that we provide. There is no obligation to make a purchase.