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Violin E String Comparison Set
Violin E String Comparison Set

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E String*:


A selection of our best selling E strings, representing all major violin E string designs on the market. Compare and see what type of E works best for your particular instrument. Note that all strings in this set are medium gauge. We recommend first finding your preferred sting type, and then experimenting with light and heavy gauges.

This set includes the following medium gauge strings:
  • Tin-Plated E (Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Silvery Steel)
    • Most Popular Classical E String - Smooth, Brilliant, Quick
  • Aluminum-Wound E (Kaplan)
    • Winding Prevents Whistling. Recommended for students who have trouble with squeaking and squawking or anyone having difficulty with a whistling E.
  • Plain Carbon Steel E (Goldbrokat)
    • Bold, Full, Round Sound. Popular with Fiddlers.
  • Gold-Plated E (Peter Infeld)
    • Warm, Rich Tone with Increased Overtones. However, for high-end instruments, the gold-plated E can be prone to whistling.
  • Tin-Plated E with Spring (Warchal Amber)
    • Unique design with a spring twisted right into the string. Warchal claims that the resulting increase in longitudinal elasticity makes this string warm, rich, and well-matched synthetic A, D, and G strings. They claim it also prevents whistling. We've had excellent feedback from our customers.
  • Stainless Steel E (Evah Pirazzi Gold)
    • Very High-Quality Steel. Round, Full, Bold Sound.
  • Platinum-Plated E (Peter Infeld)
    • Similar to the Gold-Plated E, the Platinum plating yields a rich, beautiful tone. However, like the gold-plated E, the platinum-plated E can be prone to whistling on some instruments.

Note: This is not a trial and individual E strings will not be accepted for return.

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