Estimated Arrival Times

Most orders ship within 1-3 days. Please note that we cannot guarantee delivery times and the following estimates are approximate. Some items are not available for immediate shipment - please check the estimated arrival time noted, below the price, on the product detail page.

Total Estimated Time - From Order to Delivery
  • USPS 1st Class Mail - Typically 3-8 Business Days
  • Ground Shipping (UPS or Fedex Ground) - Typically 2-8 Business Days
  • Free Shipping - Typically 2-8 Business Days

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We are pleased to offer free shipping on select items throughout our store. Look for the free shipping icon, below the price, on our product detail pages. . . .

Free Shipping Icon

Note that fee shipping will only be available if all items in the order are eligible. If you happen to be purchasing a large free-shipping item, along with smaller, ineligible items, this could increase your total shipping charge. In that event, consider purchasing those items separately. Or, send us an email, and we'll be happy to adjust the shipping charge appropriately.

Calculating Shipping Costs

Shipping options and costs can be viewed from the shopping cart, prior to checkout. . . .

Calculating shipping from your online shopping cart.

Express Shipping

Please call 800-372-4151, or email, to inquire about upgraded shipping and/or handling options. Items showing an in-stock quantity are usually eligible for express shipping.

International Orders

We accept orders for shipment anywhere within the continental United States as well as to Alaska and Hawaii. Sorry, we do not ship outside of the United States, nor do we accept orders from outside the United States, even when the delivery address is within the U.S. We do not accept credit cards issued by non-U.S. banks, nor cards whose billing address on file is a non-U.S. address. A valid U.S. phone number is required for all orders. Sorry, we do not ship to freight forwarding companies. In short, we accept orders and payment only from within the United States.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We want to do our part in reducing carbon emissions and their impact on our environment. That's why we have partnered with Foundation to offset the carbon footprint of each and every package that we ship.

Every time you place an order with us, we'll set aside 5¢ to fund projects that prevent deforestation, produce renewable energy, and reduce emissions from methane and other sources. And, because our average shipment requires an offset of less than 1¢ to be fully neutral, you can feel confident that your order is making a positive impact.