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Arcus Violin Series
  • S Series - Brilliant & Powerful (Approx. 47 Grams / Stiff)
  • M Series - Warm Tone (Approx. 51 Grams / Flexible)
  • P Series - Strong, Balanced Tone (Approx. 53 Grams / Stiff)

Arcus Violin Bows

Arcus bows are light-weight, meticulously crafted, and lightning-fast. Built for professionals, Arcus bows offer a speed and quality of response that is simply not possible with traditional pernambuco bows.

  • Exceptionally Lightweight (Just 47-53 Grams)
  • Lightning Fast Articulation
  • Outstanding Agility
  • Reduced Hand & Arm Fatigue
  • Reduced Pain for Those with Arthritis or Tendinitis
  • Power, Projection, and Brilliance
  • Arcus Bows are Among the Richest Sounding and Most Powerful Carbon Fiber Bows Available.

Bow Trial by Mail

Not sure which bow is right for you? Call 800-372-4151, now, for a free consultation. Or, request a bow trial to evaluate the bows in the comfort of your own home. It's fast, simple, and, there 's no obligation.

  • Three Bows
  • Seven Days
  • No Obligation
  • Free Shipping
  • Pre-Paid UPS Return Label
  • Total Cost: $19.99 - Refunded if a Bow is Purchased!
In-Home Bow Trial
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Arcus P4 Violin Bow - Round
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Our Price: $1,160.00
Arcus P4 Violin Bow - Octagonal
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Our Price: $1,160.00
Arcus S5 Violin Bow - Round
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Our Price: $1,700.00
Arcus P5 Violin Bow - Round
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Our Price: $1,700.00
Arcus P5 Violin Bow - Octagonal
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Our Price: $1,700.00
Arcus S5 Violin Bow - Octagonal
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Our Price: $1,700.00


Arcus Quality Designation (4-9)

Arcus bows are rated for quality and designated with a number from 4 to 9 (Level 3 Bows Discontinued in 2017). The higher the number, the better the quality of the stick. Levels 5 and 6 are our best selling bows and really show what the Arcus bows have to offer. Levels 7 and 8 have a cleaner attack, with exceptional clarity and a richer, more organic tone. Level 9 bows are rare, and are not always available for trial. Arcus reserves the level 9 designation for bows that they consider to be perfect.

Arcus S Series Violin Bows

Arcus S Series Violin Bows are lightweight (47 grams) and stiff. They are quick, agile, brilliant and powerful - ideal for soloists. This is the most popular Arcus line.

Arcus M Series Violin Bows

Arcus M Series Violin Bows are slightly heavier at 51 grams (though still exceptionally lightweight) and more flexible than the S series bows. They offer a warmer tone. We recommend them for orchestral and studio work, and for those who seek warmth, rather than brilliance and projection.

Arcus P Series Violin Bows

Arcus P Series Violin Bows offer the strength (stiffness) of the S line with a slightly heavier (53 grams) stick.

Discontinued Lines

Arcus bows are continually evolving. The original Classic lines (Cadenza, Concerto, Sinfonia, Allegro, Veloce, Vega), manufactured in Arcus's original facility in Austria, may still be ordered by special request, though they are no longer in production. Classic Arcus bows are limited to a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

The original violin M series was discontinued in 2014 and re-released with changes in weight and design in 2017. The current M series is slightly lighter and offers a more balanced tone than the original. For a time the C series took its place, with a design virtually identical to the original M, barring a few cosmetic differences. The C Series has now also been discontinued, though a new "Meusing C" series is expected sometime in 2017, which will be geared toward student players. The violin A Series was a popular line, while it lasted, with a flexible, lightweight stick. The current violin M Series is very close in design to the old A.