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Arcus T Series Violin Bows

Arcus T Series Violin Bows are more elastic than the S series, with weight shifted away from the middle toward frog and tip for greater stability. They offer a beautifully warm pallette of tone colors with slightly less brilliance than the S series. Approx. 51 grams.

Manufacturer's Description

The T-models are our most universal bows, as they cover a huge spectrum of sound colours and playing styles. They offer great warmth and brilliance at the same time, which make them suitable for a majority of instruments. And while they significantly improve the sound of many difficult instruments, their ideal range of overtones allow to determine the perfect setup and best strings for every instrument more easy than with any other bow. Their weight is around 51 grams and sticks have a round shape. Their balance is normal, but their mass is distributed towards both ends, giving them much more stability than you would expect in such a lightweight bow.

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Arcus T4 Violin Bow Arcus T4 Violin Bow
Our Price: $1,080.00
Arcus T5 Violin Bow Arcus T5 Violin Bow
Our Price: $1,580.00

Arcus T6 Violin Bow Arcus T6 Violin Bow
Our Price: $2,250.00
Arcus T7 Violin Bow Arcus T7 Violin Bow
Our Price: $3,250.00
Arcus T8 Violin Bow Arcus T8 Violin Bow
Our Price: $5,180.00
Arcus T9 Violin Bow Arcus T9 Violin Bow
Our Price: $8,000.00