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Arcus Violin P Series

Arcus P Series Violin Bows offer the greatest strength (stiffness/resilience) of any of the Arcus series. Designed to match more heavily built violins, like typical Guarneri models, the P series is a good match for instruments with a brighter sound. Approx. 53 grams.

Manufacturer's Description

With around 53 grams, the P-bows are our heaviest violin bows. They are of course still much lighter than wooden bows of 19th centuries design and thus notably more comfortable and easy to play with. Still, they provide a very solid and safe feel and perfect control. Their sound is more on the dark side, which is why they are a perfect fit to bright sounding instruments. The resiliency (or elasticity) of the stick is perfectly matched with the best modern strings, which allows to make the best use of them under all circumstances. They are available both with round and octagonal sticks. The octagonal bows feel more lively and agile, while the round ones are more steady and follow the hand very closely. The P-bows work well with every repertoire but they are excel in playing the big violin concertos of the Romantic era.

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