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Arcus Müsing Series Cello Bows

Manufacturer's Description

Over the past 100 years, the cello has developed in the most dramatic fashion. The endpin and especially the modern steel strings have transformed the cello into a formidable solo instrument, for which wooden bows are clearly too weak. We have made our cello bows significantly stronger to allow for a perfectly natural play. With a weight of 75 grams they're are also a little lighter in order to improve their maneuverability.

Arcus Quality Designation

The Arcus Müsing series has a slightly different quality designation than the other Arcus lines. The Müsing bows are available in quality levels 2-5, with 5 being the highest quality stick. A Müsing level 5 is comparable, in terms of performance and tone, to an S/M/P level 6. (That's not a typo - you're getting a considerable boost in performance at a lower price!) The Müsing 4 would compare to an S/M/P level 5, etc.

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Arcus S Series Cello Bows

Arcus S Series Cello Bows are both strong and light. They are quick, agile, brilliant and powerful. The S series cello bows are prized for their effortless play and beautiful, brilliant tone color. Recommended for large scale instruments with a dark sound. Approx. 68 grams.

Arcus M Series Cello Bows

Arcus M Series Cello Bows are slightly heavier and more flexible than the S line, and draw a softer, warmer tone. Recommended for smaller instruments with a brighter sound. Approx. 72 grams.

Arcus Müsing Series Cello Bows

Arcus Müsing Series Cello Bows offer exceptional performance at a budget price. Approx. 75 grams.

Arcus bows are continually evolving and improving. For a review of those lines that have come and gone, visit: http://www.arcus-muesing.de/en/products/cellobows/special-models-and-earlier-series.html