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Arcus Müsing Series Viola Bows

Manufacturer's Description

Traditional viola bows are not strong enough for modern strings and too heavy for a comfortable and fast playing. To solve this problem we have made our viola bows significantly stronger. With a weight of 63 grams they're also much lighter. They safely catch the C-string in fast passages and provide incredible fast string crossings. Unlike many wooden bows their sound is neither nasal nor noisy, but clear, full and open.

Arcus Quality Designation

The Arcus Müsing series has a slightly different quality designation than the other Arcus lines. The Müsing bows are available in quality levels 2-5, with 5 being the highest quality stick. A Müsing level 5 is comparable, in terms of performance and tone, to an M or P level 6. (That's not a typo - you're getting a considerable boost in performance at a lower price!) The Müsing 4 would compare to an M or P level 5, etc.

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Arcus P Series Viola Bows

Arcus P Series Viola Bows are designed for large violas with high string tension. Approx. 57 grams.

Arcus M Series Viola Bows

Arcus M Series Viola Bows are designed for smaller violas with lower string tension. The shaft is more flexible and draws a slightly warmer tone. Approx. 57 grams.

Arcus Müsing Series Viola Bows

Exceptional performance at a budget price. Approx. 63 grams.

Arcus bows are continually evolving and improving. For a review of those lines that have come and gone, visit: http://www.arcus-muesing.de/en/products/violabows/special-models-and-earlier-series.html