Violin Lessons with Mr. Fisher

Mr. Fisher offers private violin instruction to students of the Susquehanna Waldorf School, in Marietta, Pennsylvania. He is not currently accepting students from outside the school.

Lessons are held on Wednesdays, during the school day, at the school. Students are pulled from class for the lessons, but are never pulled from Main Lesson or Orchestra, and the schedule does rotate to prevent students missing the same class every week.

Lessons are 1/2 hour in length, at a cost of $25.00 per lesson. Payment is requested prior to the start of the lesson. Many parents find it convenient to pay at the first lesson of each month. Checks can be made payable to James S. Fisher or J.S. Fisher Violins. In the event of illness or inclement weather, payment is not required. Should the student forget his or her instrument, the lesson will still be held, though it won't be as productive as it could be. Some books and materials will be required (see below) and can be provided by Mr. Fisher, at a 10% discount, or purchased elsewhere. Rental services are also available from J.S. Fisher Violins, if desired.

Mr. Fisher's philosophy of teaching is traditional, but with strong emphasis on ear training and musicality. In preparation for orchestra in grade four, he also places a fairly strong emphasis on note reading. He demands correct posture and technique and expects that his students will practice correctly and regularly between lessons. Fifteen minutes per day, every day, is a good starting point for most students. Young players need help setting aside a regular time and place for their daily practice, and may also need assistance with their lessons for the first few months. Mr. Fisher believes that music, and lessons, should be joyful, inspirational, and fun. Mr. Fisher holds a bachelor of music degree from Lebanon Valley College, where he studied violin performance under Klemmet Hambourg. He started teaching in 1996.

For beginners, the following materials will be required in order to begin lessons . . .
  • A Properly Setup Violin with Bow and Case
  • Rosin
  • Shoulder Rest (No Sponges, Please)
  • Suzuki Violin Part, Volume 1, with CD (ISBN #978-0-7390-4811-5)
  • Scales in the First Position, by Harvey S. Whistler (ISBN #978-1-4234-4486-2)

To inquire about lessons and availability, call 800-372-4151 or email