CodaBow GlobalBow

GlobalBow Questions

  • Where is the GlobalBow bow? I don't see that model listed.
    CodaBow is now producing all GX, SX, NX, Joule, and Luma bows with GlobalBow technology, standard. They are no longer making non-GlobalBow versions of any bows, with the exception of the CodaBow Prodigy. Note: The CodaBow Prodigy is also available with GlobalBow technology, by special order. There is no separate GlobalBow model.
  • Why is the frog white?
    All CodaBow models come standard with black Xebony (composite) frogs. The white frog pictured above is an example of CodaBow's new Alabaster Xebony frog, available by special order, exclusively on the Diamond GX. The release of the new alabaster frog and CodaBow's GlobalBow technology are completely unrelated.
  • What's changed?
    The new CodaBow bows with GlobalBow technology contain no endangered, regulated, or monitored species. The mother of pearl slides have been replaced with carbon graphite. The ebony frogs have been replaced by black Xebony (carbon fiber). And, CodaBow bows have never contained any ivory or pernambuco - the shaft is carbon fiber and the tip-plate is white composite.
  • Can I travel with my regular wooden bow?
    If your bow has an ivory tip-plate or ivory inlays or decorations, you will be required to obtain a CITES Passport for your bow before travelling internationally. This will only be granted if you can demonstrate that the ivory in the bow was legally harvested prior to Feb. 26, 1976, and that the bow itself was purchased prior to Feb. 25, 2014. Other materials, such as lizard skin and tortoiseshell, may also need to be claimed on the appropriate customs forms.