Bow Rehairing

From time to time, the hair on your bow will need to be replaced. Rehairing generally runs between about $50.00 and $100.00, depending on the quality of the hair and the experience of the craftsperson. At J.S. Fisher Violins, we are not currently offering rehair services.

Where can I get my bow rehaired?

If possible, try to find a qualified technician that works close to where you live. Bow hair quickly absorbs moisture from the air. Consequently, in humid conditions, the hair will go lax, and may be too long for your bow, so that you can't sufficiently tighten the bow to play. On the other hand, if the bow is rehaired in a humid environment and shipped to a dry climate, the hair may tighten to the point where you can't fully release the tension of the stick. In extreme circumstances, the bow can even become damaged. By having your bow rehaired locally, you can be sure the the climate conditions at the shop will be the same as those where you will be playing. Of course, this doesn't account for travelling, or the effects of heating and air conditioning on your indoor environment. But, it helps.

If you do need to have your bow rehaired by someone outside of your local area, be sure to inform the technician about where you will be keeping the bow. If you expect to be in a humid environment, or if you expect to play outdoors in humid weather, ask the technician to make the hair slightly shorter than usual. If you expect to be in dry conditions, ask him or her to make the hair slightly longer than usual.

For rehairing or repair work on your CodaBow bow, contact CodaBow International at 1-888-CodaBow (1-888-263-2269).

For bow restoration, valuation, or for the highest quality hair and craftsmanship, we recommend Lynn Hannings, a bow maker and musician in southern Maine. is another popular choice for service by mail. Note: We are not affiliated with either or Ms. Hannings, and do not vouch for or guarantee their work.

Arcus Bows

There is a great deal of confusion about Arcus bows and what is required for rehair. Due to the relatively high tension of the Arcus shafts, Arcus recommends using slightly more hair than is typical for wooden bows. Otherwise, they are rehaired in the traditional way, and can be serviced by any technician that services traditional wooden bows. In 2014, Arcus started marking their bows with a specific recommendation for the amount of hair. If your bow is marked in this way, you'll find the numerical recommendation imprinted on the shaft of the bow, under the frog, beside the serial number. Using the gauge provided by Arcus, technicians can now install the precise amount of hair that Arcus recommends for each particular bow.